Corsair Lapdog Brings Desktop Gaming To The Living Room Couch


Want to play PC games on the living room TV? Get the Razer Turret and play your favorite PC shooters while kicking back on the couch. Of course, that entails using an entirely new keyboard and mouse that may not exactly perform to your standards. If you’d rather keep your trusted peripherals for gaming, you might want to check out the Corsair Lapdog instead.

It’s, basically, a lapdesk, like the ones many people use to hold a laptop while they’re leaning back on the couch. Except, this one was made to dock a full-size gaming keyboard and provide generous space to operate a mouse, allowing you to enjoy PC titles without having to be stuck in a desk for hours on end.


The Corsair Lapdog is divided into two sections: a recessed dock for setting down a keyboard flush and a firm mouse pad area measuring 11 x 11 inches. It’s only designed to work with the outfit’s K65 and K70 model keyboards, so we’re not sure if it will support other brands and models (we’re guessing it will, but they may not fit snugly in the dock). An integrated four-port USB 3.0 hub along the top left side allows you to keep the keyboard and mouse powered, all while letting you charge extra devices like a phone or a wireless headset.


Features include a removable memory foam lap cushion, a durable aluminum surface, and an integrated cable management system ensuring you won’t have to play amid a chaotic mess of wires. It comes with a 16-foot USB cable for hooking up to the gaming PC.

Available now, the Corsair Lapdog is priced at $119.99.

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