Corsair Platform:6 Modular Desk Lets You Add Rails, Extra Tabletops, Pegboards, And More 

Some desks are made to be simple and sparse, giving you just enough room to accommodate your setup and nothing more. Others, especially gaming desks, are designed to offer just a little more in amenities. The Corsair Platform:6 falls squarely in that latter group.

Billed as a “highly versatile modular desk,” the table is something Corsair at aiming at “gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts.” Basically, it’s a desk for people who put in heavy work on their PCs and, consequently, need a more elaborate setup than your standard PC workspace.

The Corsair Platform:6 is a work desk with a tabletop measuring 6 x 2.3 feet (width x depth), so there’s enough room there to accommodate three large monitors if you need them. In case, that’s not enough, the outfit also offers side extensions measuring 1 x 2.3 feet each (width x depth), so you can get a desk with a large enough surface space that an NBA center can lie down on it without any part of his body hanging from the sides. Yeah, that’s a huge desk. There’s a height-adjustable option, so you can work on it both sitting and standing, which comes with a motorized system that raises and lowers the desk using an integrated control panel on the front edge. According to the outfit, the motorized desk will come with memory presets, so users can press a single button to get the desk to their desired height.

Designed with future expansion in mind, the desk comes with a modular rail system that includes a T-channel crossbar, side rails, and a top-mounted rail, giving you a handy place to mount your accessories without touching any part of the desk surface. According to the outfit, the design of the rails not only make it compatible with most accessories on the market, but also make it easy for home fabricators to make their own 3D-printed accessories for the rails.

The Corsair Platform:6 comes with dual monitor arms designed to mount on the back rail, which should be easy enough to adjust along its length, allowing you to customize the mount’s placement on the fly. It also includes the outfit’s RapidRoute wire management tray, which is large enough to hold power strips and charging hubs under the desk, well away from people’s view, as well as an in-desk storage cubby, which comes with USB charging ports, so you can tuck away items you’re charging out of sight.

There’s an optional hanging pegboard that you can use as handy storage for accessories, giving you a convenient place to stash headphones, controllers, drawing tablets, and other peripherals, making it easy to keep them out of the desk to minimize clutter. It even comes with adapters for Elgato’s Multi-Mount and Flex Arm systems for mounting lights, cameras, mics, and other accessory devices to the rail system. According to the outfit, users can perform the customizations during the ordering process, which lets you choose the exact modules you want included with your desk.

The Corsair Platform:6 comes out in the fourth quarter, although pricing hasn’t been released yet.

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