Cotton Carrier SlingBelt System Lets You Keep Two Cameras And Two Lenses Within Easy Reach

A camera bag is handy when you want to have access to your camera and a few lenses at all times. Problem is, bags aren’t exactly the most convenient thing to be hauling around when you want to shoot pretty pictures while exploring your surroundings. The Cotton Carrier SlingBelt offers a sleek alternative.

Designed to hold up to two cameras and two extra lenses, the hip belt lets you put that equipment right on your waist, allowing you to grab them at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re photographing nature scenes in the backcountry, capturing the bustle of the city, or finding creative angles in the studio, this thing lets you keep your gear at arm’s length, ready to be pulled as soon as they’re needed.

The Cotton Carrier SlingBelt is a hip belt with mounting system for a single camera on the right side, allowing you to carry your DSLR or mirrorless rig on your hip in a secure and stable manner. A twist-and-lock mount makes it easy to both secure the camera in the mount and remove it, so you can holster the camera and wield it for shooting in one swift action. An adjustable webbing allows the belt to fit most individuals, while an ergonomic design distributes the weight evenly around the hips, so you can move around comfortably, even with the heaviest DSLR holstered on your side.

Each belt comes with a Sling Tether that wraps across your body, so your camera can hang safely from your torso even when you don’t lock it in the hip mount. A second holster (with the same twist-and-lock system) can mounted to the left side of the belt, by the way, allowing you to carry a second camera to give you more versatility in your shots.

The Cotton Carrier SlingBelt comes with two Velcro sections in the rear of the accessory, both of which can accommodate one of the outfit’s LensBuckets apiece. Each bucket is designed to carry an additional lens to further broaden your shooting options (you can bring up to two lenses along), although you can, of course, use it to hold other accessories. For those days you’re shooting in rainy conditions (something many outdoor photographers will deal with), the outfit also sells two sizes of dry bags (16 inches tall and 12.5 inches tall), both designed to fit flush into the buckets. Equipped with roll top closures, sealed seams, and safety clips, they vow to shield your lenses from the elements while keeping them within arm’s length. The buckets, by the way, come with water drains, so water will never pool around the bag and leave it a soaking mess.

Want to use the hip mount to carry tripods, binoculars, or other gear? Pick up the outfit’s specialized Everything Bracket, an adapter that attaches to any equipment to make them compatible with the belt.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Cotton Carrier SlingBelt. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $56.

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