Add A Wooden Tray To The Arm Of Your Couch Using This Accessory


We’re big fans of the CouchCoaster and its ingenious function of giving your couch arm a useful cup holder. But what if you also want a place to set down the appetizers you’re eating with the beer you’re chugging while watching TV? The Couch Arm Table has you covered.

Like the CouchCoaster, this accessory slips over the arm on your sofa and secures itself in place. Unlike it, this thing provides more than a cup holder, giving you a functional tabletop to set down food, drinks, and whatever else you want by your side while lounging on the couch. Yes, you can totally use it to build LEGO projects while bingeing on whatever new show premieres on Netflix.


The Couch Arm Table comes in two tabletop shapes: round and square, with the former measuring 15 inches in diameter and the latter sporting 15 x 13 inch dimensions. Both use adjustable spring clamps to provide grip on sofa arms up to 15-inches wide, so this should be compatible with most couches and living room seating furniture. Even better, it’s made from cherry wood with a lacquer finish, so it’s easy on the eyes, ensuring it won’t clash too much with any living room décor. Each piece is handmade and hand-finished.


Available now, the Couch Arm Table is priced at $135.

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