CouchCoaster Puts A Cup Holder Right On Your Couch


Truth be told, we still don’t know why sofas don’t come with built-in cup holders. We all need a place to set down the beer, coffee, and soda we drink while chilling in the couch, after all. Since no one seems to be heeding the call for built-in cup holders, we guess we’ll just reinforce our couches with the CouchCoaster instead.

Designed to mount on the armrest of sofas, the accessory puts a weighted cup holder within easy reach, giving you an instant place to set down bottles, cans, and glasses. No more disturbing your relaxed sitting posture to set your drinking vessels down on the coffee table – your cup holder is now within easy reach at all times.


The CouchCoaster combines a cup holder with arms that contour around sofa armrests and a flexible silicone build that can accommodate even the thickest upholstery. It’s weighted to minimize the chance of tipping any contents over, with a grippy underside ensuring it stays in place the entire time. They come in a generous selection of colors, too, so you can coordinate your accessory with the color of your couch.


It comes with an insert for the cup holder, allowing it to accommodate any size of drinking vessel. Whether you’re drinking from a mug, a pint, a tumbler, a bottle, or a can, this thing should handle it without any problems.

Available now, the CouchCoaster is priced at $59.

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