Cougar NxSys Aero Gaming Chair Puts A Fan On The Backrest To Keep Your Back From Sweating

Gaming chairs are great, but those heavily-padded leather backrests can leave you sweaty when you lean on them a little too long. That’s why many premium chairs opt for mesh fabric backrests that allow air to pass through freely. The Cougar NxSys Aero, however, decided to solve the problem by installing a more active solution.

You know how a gaming PC cools down by using multiple fans along the desktop case? Well, that’s exactly what they did here, integrating a fan right on the backrest to keep your back cool during play. Except, instead of acting like an exhaust to pull hot air out, it blows cool air into your back area to keep it cool during those extended grinding sessions, essentially serving as a dedicated cooling fan to keep your back from sweating.

The Cougar NxSys Aero is an erstwhile normal-looking gaming chair, with those same racing-inspired lines we’ve seen many times over in the category. It’s got all the typical appointments you expect in a proper gaming chair, from the shapely scalloped bucket seat and the adjustable arm rests to the piston-life height adjustments and a mobile set of casters. Designed for an ergonomic seating experience, it features a physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow for targeted lower back support and a magnetic head cushion with adjustable placement that you can adjust for comfort. Yeah… it looks pretty nice.

Of course, the big selling point here is the unusual contraption that sits right above the lumbar pillow. Specifically, they put a 200mm fan inside the back rest that pulls chair from behind and sends it towards the elastomeric mesh cover right where you’ll be leaning your back on. According to the outfit, the fan doesn’t just circulate air directly to your back to keep you cool, the constant stream of air also creates a cushion of sorts in the hollow space between the fan and the mesh cover, which “makes you feel like you’re floating on air.” We mean… it kind of makes sense that it will feel that way.

The Cougar NxSys Aero doesn’t just use any fan on the back rest, either. Instead, it uses an RGB fan, so the darn thing can light up like every other gaming peripheral while it sends cool air to keep your back from sticking and sweating. Control buttons on the side of the back rest allow you to manage both the fan speed and the RGB lighting. Do note, the RGB fan doesn’t come with its own power supply. As such, the outfit recommends placing a power bank on a designated slot near the fan and hooking it up via USB. To do that, there’s a screwed down plastic lid at the back of the chair that you can remove to give you easy access to both the fan and the power bank slot. Yeah, it’s not the smoothest implementation, but it should work well enough.

Other features include high-density foam cushioning, PVC leather upholstery, a back rest that can recline up to 150 degrees, adjustable tilt tension, 3D arm rest adjustments, and a class 4 gas lift cylinder. The chair can support individuals up to 350 pounds.

The Cougar NxSys Aero is available now.

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