Coupe Sofa Transforms Into A Bunk Bed In Seconds

Remember the Doc Space Saving System, Resource Furniture’s $6,800 sofa that can impressively transform into a fully-functional bunk bed?  Well, the Coupe Sofa is just like that, except it comes at a mere quarter of the price.  Sure, that’s not cheap either, but it definitely makes bringing one into your home a less-daunting task.

Made by Greek furniture company, Proteas, the double-duty living room article starts out as a regular, unassuming couch, ready to sit up to three people while they watch Under the Dome on CBS.  Yes, they’re all complaining about how the darn show has been getting worse episode by episode the entire time.

Want to lie down?  Just wait for a commercial break and equip the Coupe Sofa’s bunk bed mode, a transformation that can be accomplished in less than 15 seconds – well before the commercials finish.  To perform the transformation, just remove the backrest cushion, lift up the seating surface, and fold out all the integrated metal structures.  That’s it.  You’ve got two beds ready to sleep a pair of bodies separately, complete with a ladder for easy access to the upper deck and guard rails to keep the upstairs guy from falling off the cot.

Both beds feature orthopedic slatted base structures and orthopedic foam mattresses, along with a frame sturdy enough to support the weight of grown adults.  Upholstery is available in five colors: blue, beige, red, green, and brown.

The Coupe Sofa is available directly from Proteas, where it’s priced at €1,280.

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