Warm Up Your Backyard With The Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit


There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to outdoor fire pits, from compact towers and portable rigs to high-tech ones that produce minimal smoke and a whole load in between. If you prefer your fire pits with an old time aesthetic that looks like it will be perfectly at home in the Wild West, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy the Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit.

Designed to serve as a centerpiece on any outdoor space, the fire pit consists of large cauldron that hangs inside a large tripod, with a styling that resembles what you probably imagine an evil witch will use to cook her magical potions. Whether you’re an actual witch, a wannabe wizard, or just some dude with a nice backyard that could use a grand-looking fire pit, this thing should make a fine addition to your outdoor setup.


The Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit comes in three variants: Urban Cowboy, Wrangler, and Ranch Boss. Urban Cowboy is the smallest of the three, with a six-foot tall tripod, a 30-inch basin, and a profile that makes it ideal for use in the backyard of most urban homes.  According to the outfit, it’s ideal for keeping a group of six to 10 people warm, all while being collapsible enough that you can load it into the van for bringing to the tailgate.

Wrangler is the slightly bigger variant, combining a 6’4” tripod with a 36-inch basin. While it should fit just fine in homes with large backyards and outdoor spaces, it’s probably more suited for commercial use, with a profile that’s large enough to warm a dozen or so people gathered around. Ranch Boss, on the other hand, is the original monster-sized version that combines a 6’4” tripod with a 42-inch basin, making it the perfect fire pit for mansions, resorts, and similar places with large outdoor spaces.


While designed to serve as fire pits, the Cowboy Cauldron can, of course, be used for cooking. While we wouldn’t recommend making a stew in the basin and burning logs on your backyard’s grounds, each one comes with a cooking grill and two charcoal grates that allow you to use it to cook steaks, burgers, and more during Sunday barbecue with family and friends. It also comes with a cover, so you can use the fire pit as a makeshift table during the warmer months of the year.


Still want to use the rig to make soups, stews, and magic potions in the backyard (or use it as a Dutch oven)? The accessories offered include a fire ring, so you can safely burn logs in your home’s grounds without burning down the house. Do note, make sure to clean the cauldron first because, you know, it’s probably filled with ash from all the logs that you’ve burned inside. Other available accessories include a rotisserie set (so you can roast chickens, ducks, and suckling pigs), cast iron cookware, and various decorative fittings (e.g. hand-wrought chain).

Available now, pricing for the Cowboy Cauldron starts at $1,695.

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