Crackpot Is The Perfect Bowl For Cracking, Whisking Eggs

Cracking your eggs on the side of a bowl is a good way to get bits and pieces of the shell right in your mix.  Unless you like pancakes and burgers with tiny egg shells, it’s usually a good idea to crack that poultry produce somewhere else.  If you absolutely can’t by way of lifelong habits, we suggest buying one of these Crackpot bowls instead.

Billed as “the perfect egg cracking bowl,” the mixing dish features a built-in recessed “blade” on the edge, where you can quickly crack an egg without having the shell break into tiny splinters.  Instead, it creates a clean crack, minimizing the chances of shell fragments spilling off into your batter.

Cracking, of course, isn’t the Crackpot’s only talent.  The food-safe plastic melamine bowl also features an oversized ergonomic handle on one edge for a solid grip, so you can have an easier time keeping it steady whether you’re whisking a batch of eggs with your Twist Whisk or pouring the contents out.   It’s also got a rubber base so it doesn’t slip across the countertop easily.  Dimensions are  4.5 x 6.8 inches (height x diameter), with the bowl able to hold 1.42 liters of contents.

The Crackpot is available now, priced at $12.

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