Craftsman Cap Wrench Pops Caps Faster Than Any Other Bottle Opener


Bottle cap openers are simple enough.  Heck, I have a bent nail stuck to my wall where I pop my beer crowns from. Word is, though, that no beer popper does the job as handily as the Cap Wrench Bottle Cap Opener, freeing bottle lids faster than nothing else before it.

Sporting a patent-pending fulcrum design, it takes out bottle crowns both by lifting up and pushing down.  It can remove caps with the simplest of tugs, requiring ridiculously little force to manage.  What else does it do?  Nothing much, though, I suppose you can use it to pop someone’s head when they get a little too rowdy when drunk, too.

That’s because the Cap Wrench is made from stainless steel and weighs 0.64 lbs, ably doubling as a non-lethal, head-smacking weapon.  It looks like a perfect fit for your garage (complete with a hang hole for easy storage), along with the rest of your wrench set – awesome for an afternoon of tuning your car while drinking some beer.

Strong, simple and functional – the way every man’s tool should be.  Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right.  You can grab a Cap Wrench Bottle Cap Opener right now for $15.  Sears also has it with personalized engraving for only $3 extra.

[Sears via Gear Patrol]