Check Out This Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System For Hanging Large And Heavy Equipment


The pegboards you have hanging on the garage are great for organizing your hand tools up a wall.   When it comes to hanging large, heavy equipment, however, you’ll probably need something just a little bit stronger. And strength is definitely what Craftsman’s Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System is meant to deliver.

Designed to handle power tools, lawn equipment, and similar heavyset contraptions, it lets you organize them up a wall, so you can keep them away from littering the shop floor. That way, you can have plenty of room to set up benches, shelves, and that skeeball cabinet that your wife will never allow inside the house.


Unlike most pegboards, the Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System uses square holes for better holding capacity, although that also means you’ll need to use specialized hooks, rather than industry-standard units. In particular, it uses LocHook accessories, 28 of which come bundled with the board, along with a pair of plastic hanging bins. Each board measures 18 x 36 inches, totaling 9 square feet of hanging storage for your workshop or garage. Construction is epoxy-coated steel for the board and zinc-plated steel for the hooks, ensuring the system can hold any gear you need to mount.  Win.


Craftsman calls their Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System “the most reliable” available in the market. It’s available in blue and red colors, priced at just $49.99.

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