Crapchute Tote Bag Can Carry Up To 100 Pounds Of Gear


They look like any colorful tote bag that’s perfect for loading up with gear when heading to the beach this summer. Except, the Crapchute is made from an ultra-tough recycled material that allows it to support ridiculous loads of up to 100 pounds.

That’s right, you can take two 50-pound barbell plates to the beach this summer using this erstwhile normal-looking tote, so you can do your deadlifts, barbell squats, and clean/presses on the sand. Of course, you can load it with a hundred pounds’ worth of regular beach supplies, too, from food and drinks to clothing and grooming essentials.


The Crapchute is made from rip-stop polyester and nylon fabrics that are recycled from old parachutes, so this is as durable as those things that protect skydivers as they descend from hundreds of feet in the air. The fabric, by the way, uses a special boxed-weave design that leaves it highly-resistant to tearing, while a single-piece construction ensures fewer seams that are likely to rip. It is, of course, waterproof, so it can get splashed by the poolside without getting the contents wet.


A pair of pockets sit on the outside – one zippered and another without. The zippered pocket, by the way, doubles as a carrying pouch for the bag, allowing you to stuff the entire tote inside it when the bag is empty. It comes in two styles, hand-carry and shoulder-carry, with both styles available in three different colorful patterns.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Crapchute. You can reserve a pair for pledges starting at $16.

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