Cravendale Milk Jug Alerts You When The Milk Has Soured

I like my milk fresh. But that’s just me. If you like your milk just a little spoiled, you should get a Cravendale Milk Jug, which alerts you via an LCD display once your milk has soured.

Okay, I’m half-kidding. The high-tech vessel is actually intended to alert people to the fact that their milk is still fresh, just in case they suspect it has soured after leaving it in the kitchen counter since morning. Rather than throw it out for fear it has spoiled, all they have to do is check out the display on the side to know whether it’s still good for tomorrow’s cereal.

Created by UK-based dairy company Cravendale, the acidity-detecting Milk Jug detects the state of the pasteurized beverage using a unique PH sensor that’s built into its base. When it recognizes the presence of bacteria that makes the milk sour, it changes the side display from FRESH to SOUR, essentially alerting you to the fact that your milk now tastes whack.

For all intents and purposes, there’s nothing wrong with sour milk. Sure, it may taste a little off, but it won’t do you any harm unless you left it in the backyard for the last year and a half. Since it doesn’t carry that delicious fresh taste anymore, though, drinking might no longer be an option (unless, like we said, you like sour milk), so down the drain it goes.

According to Cavendale’s website, as many as 100,000 tons of milk is thrown away each year, many of them due to people being uncertain whether it has already soured or not. With the Cravendale Milk Jug, that won’t have to be the case. No word on when they plan to release it as an actual product (or if they will at all).

[Milk Matters via Oh Gizmo]