Create Your Own Zombie Kit

Collecting a horde of zombie robots is fun.  Building your own army of rotting undeads, however, sounds even more fun for a weekend project.  And you can do just that with this Create Your Own Zombie Kit.

Know how you can buy model airplanes that you assemble, paint and customize to your liking?  It’s kind of like the same thing here.  Except, instead of military-issue fighter jets and war machines, you’ll be assembling 1:9-scale action figures of deformed and rotting zombie corpses.

Perfect for the horror geek looking for a creative outlet, the Create Your Own Zombie Kit comes with multiple individual parts that you can use to create custom zombie models.  Each set includes three bodies, five heads (with varying facial features and expressions), two forearms, two lower legs, two pairs of hands, one pair of feet, one chest with exposed ribs, and two sets of costumes (one business suit and one lab doctor clothes).

All the included parts are painted with just a fleshy primer, so you can doll them up any way you please.  If you’re not sure what paints or supplies to buy along with the kit, don’t worry — it comes with an instructional DVD explaining everything you need to know to get started.

Sure, you’ll probably end up having to buy half a dozen of these to build a small contingent of living deads.  It sounds like a whole lot of indoor fun, though.  The Create Your Own Zombie Kit is available for pre-order, priced at £39.99.