Creative’s Outdoor Speaker Comes Dressed As A Granite Rock

Can’t figure out how to make a speaker system fit in with your garden’s or backyard’s landscape?  Let Creative solve that problem with their Sound Blaster Wireless Rock, a weather-proof speaker system designed to sit on the ground like a random piece of rock.

Designed for permanent placement outdoors, the device can withstand sun, rain and snow, making it especially convenient for piping music outside the main house.  You can connect it using cables like regular speakers or pair it with either a Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter or a Sound Blaster X-Fi to stream music.  Do note, it doesn’t work with WiFi, so one of the other Creative products are required for untethered use.

The Sound Blaster Wireless Rock measures 12 x 11.1 x 13.8 inches, weighs a hefty 6.3 kg and sports an authentic granite-like exterior.  It uses a single 6.5-inch stereo speaker, with dual tweeters providing contoured sound during open-air playback.  A detachable battery around the back feeds it enough juice to last for 6 straight hours of music on a single charge.

Creative claims its 20 watts of power per channel will deliver enough loudness to make it an excellent speaker to satiate most backyard and poolside listening requirements.  Setup is easy, too, consisting of just three steps before you can start piping music from a Windows or Mac computer.

Personally, I never imagined dressing a speaker up as a granite rock to ever be a good idea.  The Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Rock, however, looks incredibly fit for the job.  It’s available from Amazon for $199.99.
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