Creature Craft Whitewater Raft Uses Roll Bars To Prevent Capsizing


Whitewater rafting is fun. Once you start playing around on Class 4 or higher waves, however, things take on an entirely different turn. Simply put, it becomes a genuinely life-threatening endeavor. Creature Craft is a relatively new class of whitewater rafts designed to make your experience just a little safer.

A raft that will never capsize, it’s equipped with a patented roll cage design that allows the boat to sit on its side instead of turning over completely, allowing you to easily roll it into an upright position. According to the outfit, it can even be done with everyone staying seated on the boat – just have everybody shift their weight accordingly to force the raft to return to its desired orientation.


We know, you’re supposed to fall off anyway when a raft turns on its side. Well, the Creature Craft deftly avoids leaving you that same fate by coming with integrated straps that you can secure around your thighs, while a quick release system allows a paddler to get themselves on the water, in case the raft won’t turn without getting an outside nudge. They offer seven models of whitewater rafts, which come in varying sizes to accommodate your individual needs. Each one features rigid carry handles, self-bailing floors, convertible tops, and urethane coating, with optional passenger seat frames, expedition urethane wraps, and additional paddle seats.


Available now, the Creature Craft is priced starting at $4,995.

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