Use Credistand To Keep A Smartphone Stand In Your Wallet


Your wallet is a treasure trove. You have a card that transforms into a knife for self-defense, a card that holds lock-picking tools for escaping out of a jam, and even a card that’s also a survival multi-tool. If you frequently find the need to prop up your phone on a table, you might want to add the Credistand to your wallet stash, too.

A card-sized smartphone stand, it fits into the card slots on your wallet, so you can carry it anywhere you go at all times. Whether you’re sipping coffee at the corner shop, prepping dinner in the kitchen counter, or just feeding the birds at the park, you can set your phone at a comfortable angle on any flat surface whether to enjoy movies, read a recipe, or browse through a photo gallery.


Using a series of pre-cut folds, the Credistand can transform into a capable smartphone stand that holds your device at a comfortable viewing angle. It features hinge-like cuts in three places, allowing it to fold into a stable support structure to support the size and weight of smartphones. Do note, while the stand can fit even six-inch phablets, it’s only recommended for use with devices whose screens measure 5.5 inches and below, with anything bigger increasing the chances of the whole thing tipping over with a simple nudge. Each one is die-cut from sheets of polypropylene, giving it the necessary durability and flexibility to keep from cracking when put through the rigors of sitting in a heavily-used wallet.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Credistand. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at kr45 ($5.50).

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