Cricket Trailer, A Camper For Compact Travelers

Want a trailer that looks weird without even trying?  Try the Cricket Trailer, an unusually-styled camper with some serious character to spare.

Designed to be a compact outdoor companion, the trailer measures 15 feet long, 7 feet tall and 6.6 feet wide, all while managing to cram a decent range of creature comforts.    With the basic configuration, it weighs a light 1,300 lbs, allowing it to be towed by most 4–cylinder cars  and practically  any type of 6–cylinder vehicles.

The Cricket Trailer is available in three trims: barebones, basic and everything.  Barebones just gets you the shell and wheels, allowing you to deck it on your own if you’re so inclined.  Basic starts you off with some amenities, including a kitchen cabinet with a hinged countertop, a stainless steel sink, a water heater, a couch that can unfold into a two-person bed, a three-way refrigerator and an adjustable table.  The last option throws the whole shebang, including a furnace with thermostat, air-conditioning, a two-burner cooktop, a handshower, a portable toilet, shade awning and additional exterior parts (crash guard, bumper and side steps).

Interior is only good for 6’2” of headroom, so if you’re anywhere close to Yao Ming, forget about it.  Space inside is comparable to a minivan (according to the website), except it’s configured to provide a comfy temporary living space.  Oh yeah, most garages should be able to fit it in as well, making it extremely convenient to have around.

The ground clearance is 10.5 inches, which means it will clear dirt roads and some off-road locations easily.  Probably best to steer clear from ultra-rough terrains, though.  It’s available made-to-order, with prices starting at $9,950.

[Cricket Trailer]