Cricut Cake Brings Electronic Craft To Edible Materials

Decorating cakes is hellishly difficult.  Not only do you need some serious craft skills to slice off those intricate designs, the fact that you’re working on edible material makes it doubly harder.  The Cricut Cake, however, makes it as easy as punching a few buttons.

If you’re not familiar with Cricut machines, they’re essentially printers  armed with a stainless steel cutting head.  Instead of shooting ink onto paper, it slices the design off, leaving you with precisely-sliced paper craft with none of the manual noodling it normally requires.

The Cricut Cake works exactly the same way.  Except, instead of paper, it’s designed to cut through soft food materials like gum paste, fondant, cheese, frosting sheets, cookie dough, tortillas and molding chocolate, allowing you to decorate your cakes and pastries with fancy shapes without having to wield a single blade yourself.

Measuring 23 x 9 x 11 inches, the “personal electronic cake cutter” can cut edible materials from 3 x 3 inches up to 12 x 24 inches in size, allowing you to doll up really big cakes and tiny mini-cupcakes with equal facility.   Like other Cricut machines, it offers multiple modes and functions, as well as compatibility with all existing shape cartridges (it only comes with one cartridge, consisting of basic cake shapes).

If you’ve always fancied being a cake decorator, but lacked the actual craft skills to pull it off, the Cricut Cake could be the crafty “assistant” you’ve been hoping for.  List price is a hefty $399.99, but some sites has it for a less than $300.