CristalBubble Is A Giant Inflatable Shelter

Love the outdoors, but hate the ‘skeetos and dust that usually accompany camping in the wild?   Ditch the tent and pack one of these CristalBubbles in the back of your pickup instead.

The brainchild of French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, the  temporary shelter houses you inside a dome-like structures that you can set up in a few minutes (making it very viable as a temporary backyard office).  Instead of regular opaque fabrics, though, the material is made from reinforced plastic, affording you a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, all while enjoying the comforts of an enclosed shelter.

The standard CristalBubble is a sphere-shaped hut measuring 13 feet in diameter that you can deflate and fit inside a transport bag when not in use.  A built-in blower provides the necessary air to both maintain the dome’s shape and bring fresh breathable air into the unit, complete with an integrated filter to keep out moisture, mosquito, dust and other allergens.

Connected to the bubble is an adjoining entryway (called the entry lock) made up of retractable and rigid frames (no air needed), where you can leave stuff like dirty shoes or your mountain bike before entering the main room.  For even more comforts, the set includes a modular wooden floor that can be separated into 10 pieces for easy portability.

Aside from the standard CristalBubble, they also offer extended models, such as the BubbleRoom (part of the dome is not transparent for privacy), BubbleLodge (a BubbleRoom connected to an accompanying smaller sphere) and GrandLodge (a BubbleLodge connected to a CristalBubble).  The units are available both for sales and rentals.  Full price for purchases start at €7,796.