Critter Gitter 2 Will Make Other Hunting Trucks Look Like Toy Cars

When you’re a company whose expertise lies in designing custom 4×4 monstrosities, the wilder the samples you can show off, the better the business you’ll probably get.  For Texas-based Critter Gitter, we can’t imagine a more alluring calling card than the Critter Gitter 2, their monster of a vehicle that looks like a perfect post-apocalyptic survivor mobile.

Designed for hunting with no pretense of being sneaky about it, the oversized ATV measures 30-feet long, with a high elevation that puts the cockpit well above the reach of any groveling zombies.  You climb the cabin via the hydraulic rear ladders, which you can flatten out to keep unwanted creatures from making their way up.

The fully-outfitted Critter Gitter 2 runs on an 8.2L big-block V8, with custom C-6 transmission, a custom suspension, a divorced transfer case and custom driveshifts.  All 13,250-lbs of it sits on 2.5-ton Rockwell axles, paired with four 64-inch Goodyear Forestry tires.  Rear has two feeder systems and a water cooler, while the front features a huge rack with a three-seater bench, gun holders, a slide-out ramp and a loading area for dumping all the big game you manage to catch.

No word on how much this particular vehicle, which was commissioned by a ranch owner in South Texas, went for.  We imagine it’s probably on a budget that will inspire your own personal apocalypse.

Fortunately, Critter Gitter (the company) actually makes a whole host of custom fabrication work, so you can outfit your existing trucks with new cabs and features, instead of having an entire 4×4 built from scratch.  Sure, it will probably not be as awesome, but a standard pickup fitted with a scissor lift, a tower stand and a roof rack doesn’t sound half bad.

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