Skin, Gut, And Slice Your Catch With CRKT’s Disposable Hunting Blade Kit


Yes, we’d rather use a well-made hunting knife when it comes to skinning and gutting any animals we catch during hunts, too. Like any tool, though, hunting knives require a fair amount of maintenance – something we’ll probably be doing if we weren’t predisposed to being lazy, disorganized, and generally incapable of following through our duties. For people in the same boat, CRKT’s PDK will probably work a whole lot better.

Short for “Precision Disposable Kit,” it’s a disposable razor that’s custom-designed for skinning, gutting, and cutting up any buck, bear, or, let’s be honest, rabbit you manage to catch during your foray into the wild in the middle of hunting season. Whether you rely on it as a primary hunting blade or keep it as a backup in case something happens with your trusted knife, having this thing in your kit will make sure you’re ready to field dress any game you manage to wrangle throughout your stay.


The CRKT Precision Disposable Kit consists of an ABS handle and swappable blades that you can snap on and remove at will. Because the blades are swappable, you can simply throw one out as soon it dulls and replace it with one of the backup blades included in the kit, ensuring you’ll always be dressing your animals with something that’s capable of slicing through without much effort. The outfit claims changing the blades is simple, safe, and easily accomplished, ensuring there’s little chance of cutting accidents whenever you swap one out.

Do note, the blade is only 2.6 inches long, so we’re not quite sure what kind of game you can successfully dress using nothing but this thing. CRKT, however, seems to imply you can use it to skin and gut a whopping eight-point buck (hey, those things are pretty big), so maybe there’s enough slicing power here to work through anything short of King Kong and Godzilla.


Each Precision Disposable Kit comes with one handle, four utility blades in protective sleeves, and a pair of disposable nitrile gloves that you can wear while tearing through skin, flesh, and guts. From what we can tell, the whole kit is designed to be gotten rid of as soon as you work through all the blades, since we don’t think CRKT is selling replacement blades separately. Yeah, you’ll be adding to landfills on a regular basis if you do rely on this as a standard hunting gear. Hey, at least it’s convenient.

With the blade attached to the handle, the whole thing measures 6.2 inches long. That size, along with the accompanying sharp edge, could actually make it pretty handy as a general utility blade that you can use in your day to day life, whether for opening packages, cutting an oversized burger into a manageable size, or whatever other uses you can find for a knife in your life (like using it as a fidget spinner). Given how cheap general-purpose disposable utility blades are, though, you might be better off keeping this in the hunting bag instead.

The CRKT Precision Disposable Kit is available now in two colors, black and safety orange.