CRKT S.P.E.C. Wants To Be The Pocket Cleaver For Your EDC Kit

We’re big fans of small knives sporting cleaver-style blades, which create a stark contrast between the butchering functions of traditional cleavers and the limited utility of smaller knives. It just makes for a cool-looking everyday knife. While our mini-cleaver affection still belongs to Gerber’s wide-bladed Tri-Tip, the CRKT S.P.E.C. does make for a compelling alternative that just might win some of you guys over.

With a name that stands for “Small Pocket Everyday Cleaver,” the knife combines a blade shaped like a butcher’s cleaver with the compact size of pocket knives. Can you use it to chop through the large, thick bones on your steaks? Absolutely not. Can you use it to slice through thin chicken bones as fast as a regular cleaver? Definitely not. However, if you want a small knife that will let you perform daily cutting duties while feeling like you’re working on a slaughterhouse driving a large knife on a chopping block, this absolutely does the trick.

The CRKT S.P.E.C. is a fixed-blade pocket knife, with a 2.44-inch blade in that familiar cleaver profile that combines a wide blade, rectangular shape, and thick edge that should make it easier to drive into harder objects like small bones, in case the need for it comes up. According to the outfit, the knife blade, which is larger than on typical pocket knives, exhibits excellent strength from the tip down to the grip, making it incredibly useful not just for everyday tasks, but for getting work done in campsites, workshops, and garages, too.

Blade construction is 8Cr13MoV, so while it’s not the bets at edge retention, it should get very sharp when freshly-maintained, all while being reasonably tough and corrosion-resistant. The blade, by the way, is paired with a heavily-textured G10 handle for a strong grip, extending the knife’s full length to 5.63 inches.

The CRKT S.P.E.C. uses a blade shape patterned after their own Minimalist Cleaver, albeit in a slightly bigger size, which should make it more suited to rougher tasks. Since it’s a fixed blade design, it comes with a carrying sheath that you can slip onto a belt to keep the knife within easy reach at all times. Yes, you have to clip in on a belt or stash it in a bag pocket if you want to carry it as an EDC knife, since the cleaver design and the fixed blade form factor makes it a tad too big for pants pockets. Unless, of course, you’re wearing cargo pants, in which case, you might get away with carrying an even bigger cleaver.

Chances are, you’ve noticed the increase in cleaver-style pocket knives in recent years. It’s just a very popular style right now, with the aggressive-looking blade making for quite unique aesthetics that people currently love. Is it a trend? Probably. Should you jump on? We’re not sure, but if you like collecting knives, then adding a couple cleaver designs to your stash doesn’t really seem like a bad idea at all.

The CRKT S.P.E.C. is available now, priced at $44.

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