Reinforce Your Fist For Self-Defense With CRKT’s Tactical Key


You know how you can use your keys as a weapon during self-defense? Just trap one between your fingers and keep it there while punching an assailant on the eye. The CRKT Williams Tactical Key works, pretty much, the same way, except it’s a dedicated key designed strictly for use as a self-defense blade.

Named after its designer, martial arts instructor James Williams, it’s an innocuous-looking key that’s designed to hang on your key fob like your house key, your car key, and the rest of the lock-opening pieces of metal you carry every day. Except, the darn thing is designed to be ideal for self-defense purposes, ensuring it will work better than any key in your arsenal.


The CRKT Williams Tactical Key has a bow shaped to anchor on two fingers, ensuring it will foster a secure hold when you use it for punching. You know how you’ll need to grip the key tightly between two fingers when using it to punch, lest risk dropping it? Not the case here, since the shape of the bow provides plenty of leeway, allowing you to grip it a little more loosely than you would with a regular key. Whether you’re punching upwards, downwards, or any other direction, the tactically-shaped bow should enable a truly more secure hold, all while maintaining its anchored placement even after contact.

It has a blade shaped with some randomly-placed cuts that should make it appear like a regular key, along with a pointed tip to ensure it can deal maximum damage during attacks. Do note, it’s not designed to open anything (it’s not actually a key), so it’s strictly equipped for self-defense use, essentially giving you something to reinforce your fists when engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Yes, we also wish there was a bump key version of this to further expand the function of the tools hanging off your keychain.


The CRKT Williams Tactical Key actually has a Phillips screwdriver tip, so you can use it for your everyday driving tasks. And, yes, you can hold it during driving using the same grip you use for self-defense, so you get to enjoy the same secure hold, whether you’re fixing the ceiling fan or fending off an attacker. A hole at the top of the bow lets you hook it on a key ring where it can join your Pocket Samurai knife, your Gryp germophobe tool, and the rest of your keys.


Construction is 3Cr13 steel with a tumbled finish for the blade, so it should hold up like any modern tool, while the handle is cut in glass-reinforced nylon to provide a comfortable grip. It has an overall length of 3.6 inches, with the blade measuring 1.8 inches long. Do note, the handle is thicker than the usual bow on your keys, which should help facilitate the ergonomic grip, although it does add a little more bulk to your keychain ensemble.

The CRKT Williams Tactical Key is currently listed as “coming soon.” Price is $9.99.

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