Shauna Richardson’s Crochetdermy Animals Use Crochet To Make Realistic-Looking Taxidermy Sculptures


Animal crochet dolls are nothing new. Chances are, your own kids have a few or you’ve given at least one out as a gift. These Crochetdermy Animals, though, take it a whole other level with a collection of life-size wildlife clad in realistic appearances.

Created by Shauna Richardson, the handmade sculptures can easily be mistaken as taxidermies from afar, as the artist somehow manages to recreate small anatomical details with impressive precision. She covers a wide variety of animals, too, from domesticated pets to beasts of burden to wild woodland creatures. Seriously, that female lion above is all manners of awesome.


Each piece in the UK-based artist’s Crochetdermy Animals collection is made using a freestyle technique that the artist evolved on her own, allowing her to highlight the animal’s anatomy in each of the creations. She uses mohair yarn and a 3mm hook as standard tools, which she combines with glass (for the eyes) and reproduction parts (for the mouth and horns). She describes the process as “meticulous work,” requiring her to be constantly on her toes, responding and adjusting her crochet work as each piece takes form.


Crochetdermy Animals was recently shown at Design Days Dubai 2015. Check out the coverage from DesignBoom in the link below.

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