Crock-Pot Hook Up Lets You Daisy-Chain Slow Cookers For Wire-Free Buffet Presentation


Here’s one way to deal with wire mess in the kitchen: instead of plugging appliances separately, why not just plug one in and allow multiple kitchen appliances to daisy chain? That’s the solution offered by Crock-Pot’s Hook Up Slow Cookers.

Rather than have different appliances and their dangling wires snake through a countertop, this lets you simply plug the one closest to the outlet and then plug the others to the one next to it (it comes with a retractable power cord on one side and an outlet on the other). Pretty clever. Up to six of these slow cookers can be powered using just one outlet, allowing you to tidy up what would otherwise be a messy scene of power cords.


While having multiple slow cookers probably don’t make sense in most kitchens, the Crock-Pot Hook Up is actually designed for parties, allowing you to keep different food items heated on a buffet or pot luck table while avoiding the tangled wires that usually come with it. Three types of slow cookers are available with the Hook Up feature: a 3.5-quart oval unit, a 2-quart round unit, and a dual cooker with two 1-quart oval containers. Each of the appliances have removable stoneware and glass lids for easy cleaning (dishwasher-safe), with three heat settings (high, low, and warm) for sufficient cooking and presentation options.   The units are stackable, too, so you can easily hide them in a closet after a party, as well as easily transport them in a single pile.

A three-piece set of the Crock-Pot Hook Up containing one each of the three slow cooker types retail for $207.

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