This Space-Saving Crock-Pot Slow Cooks Three Dishes At The Same Time


One-pot slow-cookers are awesome, as they let you prepare a big meal while leaving just one container for cleaning. Problem is, there are times when you definitely want to cook more than one dish, which leaves you no choice but to bust out the stovetop and a good load of cookware. The Crock-Pot Swing & Serve offers an alternative.

Instead of a single pot like a regular slow cooker, the appliance comes with two smaller pots elevated above it, allowing you to cook up to three different dishes while taking up the same footprint as a regular Crock-Pot. That’s right, no need to add an extra appliance to the counter for more versatile cooking, since this thing can cook a trio of dishes all by its lonesome. Cook the main dish on the large pot and use the smaller ones to whip up two kinds of dips? Yep, that will work. How about a main dish on the large pot, a side dish on one small pot, and some soup on the other? That’s good, too, making for one efficient appliance.


The Crock-Pot Swing & Serve comes with a 3.5-quart pot on the base level and two 1.5-quarts situated right above it. The smaller pots are held by pivoting arms, allowing you to position them above the large pot when not in use to optimize space, then swing them to the rear to get access to the larger pot. Each of the pots come with their own cooking settings (there’s one control knob for each), too, so you can set each one independently to ensure everything cooks the way it’s intended by the recipe.

The addition of two smaller pots actually opens it up to some unique applications. You can, for instance, use one of the smaller pots to prepare a meal for one, as well as cook two smaller servings of your favorite dishes for those days when only one or two people are dining at home, all while having the ability to cook a large meal when needed. Simply put, it’s a more versatile slow-cooker – one that opens up more cooking possibilities.


Like other Crock-Pots, the Swing & Serve comes with removable pots and lids, so you can easily clean them after your family has pillaged the dining table. The smaller pots, by the way, comes with lids that are hinged to the container, making them ideal for serving dishes all by themselves.


Dimensions are 13.8 x 16.3 x 14.2 inches (height x width x depth) for the appliance, so it takes up just as much counter space as a standard slow-cooker, ensuring it still leaves  enough room for all your other necessities (you know, like that awesome dual breakfast sandwich maker). The structure in the rear holding the swiveling arms, by the way, comes with slots for holding utensils, with the ability to accommodate up to three serving spoons, so you can use the appliance as a central serving station.

The Crock-Pot Swing & Serve is available now.

Crock-pot Swing and Serve Slow Cooker, Black
  • One x 3.5-Qt Capacity Slow Cooker on the Base Level