Crocs Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs Make The Popular Footwear Uglier (And Somehow More Adorable) Than Ever

Some people laugh at Crocs and their deliberately unusual aesthetics. Some people laugh at Shrek and his frighteningly goofy ogre looks. Now, both groups can laugh (or cry) in unison with the upcoming release of the Crocs Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs.

That’s right, Crocs is making a Shrek-themed version of their classic clogs, which, in classic Crocs style, seems deliberately designed to be the ugliest shoes you’ll ever lay eyes on. We mean… look at that thing. It’s a pair of ogre green Crocs with Shrek’s ears and nose on it, making for a pair of clogs that are equal parts hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

The Crocs Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs take the outfit’s standard Classic Clogs and dresses it in the same vibrant neon green hue as the titular ogre’s skin. Since replicating Shrek’s color isn’t really that much of a change for Crocs (they make plenty of colorful shoes), they also threw in the ogre’s long ears and pudgy nose on each shoe. From what we can tell, all three elements are Jibbits charms, so you should be able to take them out if you don’t feel like wearing Shrek’s face on your feet, as well as swap them in other sections of the shoe to make it look like a messed-up version of the beloved Dreamworks character.

They replaced the usual silicone strap with one covered in fuzzy brown fabric, which resembles the iconic brown vest the character has worn all throughout the movies. Additionally, the buttons holding the strap in place no longer bear the Crocs logo, instead sporting the letter S with antenna-like ears just like they do it in the movies’ titles.

The Crocs Classic DreamWorks Shrek Clogs comes in adult, kids, and toddlers sizes, so you can outfit the whole family in ogre-themed footwear. It comes out September 13th.

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