Crosley Revolution Makes Vinyl Music Portable

You think carrying a Sony Discman around is retro? Prepare to be put to shame with the first guy strolling the street with the Crosley Revolution, a vinyl record player that you can actually carry while walking.

Since there’s no way a 12-inch LP is going to fit in your pocket, this won’t exactly be as portable as your iPod. With a platter described as “smaller than a teacup saucer,” the ability to operate from six AA batteries and dual headphone jacks, however, it’s about as mobile as a turntable can get. If you ever wondered how an iPod would have looked like in the 60s, this is it.

The Crosley Revolution is a two-speed turntable (33 1/3 and 45 RPM) that can play both 7- and 12-inch records. Doing away with the boxy form factor of traditional record players, it adopts a design that you can actually carry in one hand, set up on top of a small table or even throw in a handbag. It comes with a durable rubberized finish, an integrated handle, a diamond stylus needle, a USB port for analog-to-digital transfers, full-range stereo speakers and a custom carrying case.

Imagine walking into a vinyl swap, picking out some selections and listening with your headphones to try them out.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it? If you’ve got an extensive collection, this just might be the gadget that extends your enjoyment of your precious records.

While the Crosley Revolution is not yet available, the website says it’s due out soon for $149.95.

[Crosley via Acquire]