CrossBell Is A Customizable Kettlebell For Home Gyms

Looking for a simple home gym equipment (no, a Trekwall doesn’t qualify as simple) for those days you can’t make the trek to the local health club?  While getting a barbell and a couple of plates doesn’t sound all that bad, the CrossBell might prove an even more convenient choice.

Remember those discarded oil containers you filled up with cement and used as dumbbells back in middle school?  It’s, pretty much, the same thing.  Except this one is shaped like a plate, with a large handle up to so you can use it like a kettlebell.  There’s also a hole in the middle, so you can slip it into a dumbbell to help vary up your exercise options.

The CrossBell is hollow inside and weighs just two pounds when empty.  We’re guessing that sounds way too light for your makeshift hardcore workouts, but don’t worry — you can always fill it up with a variety of items to give it just a little more heft.  According to the product page, filling it up with water halfway nets you 5 pounds and up to 10 pounds when filled to the brim.  Other options include sand (up to 20 pounds when filled up), coins (up to 35 pounds) and buckshot (up to 45 pounds), so even intermediate lifters can find it plenty usable.  There are lines along the side to help you keep track when you’re filling it up.

Construction is PEHD plastic, which is virtually indestructible, so this should last you a long while even if you’re one of those guys who like to dump their kettlebells hard on the ground while screaming really loud for added effect.  Other features include a large ergonomic handle, grooves under the handle to minimize forearm impact during movement, and a D-Ring hole for attaching it to bands and cables.

Currently available for preorder, you can reserve a CrossBell for $49.95.

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