Crossrope AMP Brings Performance Tracking And On-Demand Workouts To The Humble Jump Rope

Jump ropes may not be as trendy as your exercise bikes, treadmills, or workout mirrors, but they remain one of the most effective ways to get a cardio workout at home. So long as you have enough vacant room that the rope won’t snag onto appliances, lighting fixtures, or whatever fancy stuff you’ve got showing on the display shelf, you can burn a whole load of calories with arguably the most cost-effective workout equipment. But what if you want to be able to quantify your jump rope workouts with as much detail as modern connected workout equipment? Well, the Crossrope AMP has got you covered.

A connected jump rope, the device communicates wirelessly with the companion app, where you can see your performance stats in real time. That’s right, you can enjoy the same kind of performance readings as fancier equipment while using a humble jump rope, making it a whole lot easier to see how well you’re doing.

The Crossrope AMP takes after the outfit’s previous releases, using interchangeable weighted ropes that you can attach and detach to the handles, making it easy to change up your workouts by adding resistance. Specifically, it includes quarter-pound, half-pound, and 1-pound ropes, while simple clasps on each handle make switching from one rope to another an absolute breeze.

Of course, what sets this one apart are the electronic components embedded in the handle, which allow it track your rope workout and send its readings to the companion app over Bluetooth. In free jump mode, it will track your count, time, speed, power output, max power output, jump per minute, unbroken streaks, and more, so you can actually get immediate quantified feedback about how well (or poorly) you’re doing. If you’ve ever done jump rope workouts and, like many of us, found it impossible to keep count, this changes the game entirely.

The Crossrope AMP also comes with over 2,000 workouts that you can use to keep your jump rope exercises from going stale. The workouts guide you through various movements and paces, so you’re not just doing the same basic jump over and over, which really helps keep things interesting and challenging when you do jump rope workouts regularly. Even better, it uses the data it collects to learn your ability level, which it uses to set personalized goals throughout each workout, so you get personalized jump targets at every interval that constantly adapts based on any changes in your intensity. Basically, the harder you can go, the harder it will push, so it can tailor workouts to your actual capabilities. Some of the workouts also integrate bodyweight exercises along with the ropes, making it even easier to change things up and keep your sessions fresh.

The catch? None of the connected features are actually available with just the jump rope. Instead, you will need to take out a monthly $10 membership to the service to actually enjoy the connected experience. Basically, if you don’t plan on paying for another subscription service, might as well just stick to the outfit’s non-connected models.

The Crossrope AMP is available now, priced at $199.

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