Crovel Extreme II Brings 13 Survival Tools In One

Combo shovels and crowbars have been around a while.  If you’re going to use one, though, might as well be the same one that military forces use for survival purposes when they’re in the field.  That would be the Crovel Extreme II.

The latest version of the survivalist multi-tool, it improves on its rugged predecessor, all while retaining the superior usability of every tool in its arsenal.  Just like the original Crovel Extreme, it helps you eliminate the need for multiple items to carry, so you can travel with a lot less stuff in your stash.

The Crovel Extreme II is a tactical shovel designed for strapping onto a backpack to make bringing it along easy.  Equipped with 13 different tools, it can be used to shovel, chop, saw, hammer, claw, and pry with just a single tool in hand.  The hollow steel handle can also be used as storage for smaller items, like flashlights, knives and magical pixie dust, while an integrated bottle opener helps you celebrate a successful day by popping some suds open.  Construction is 4140 chromoly alloy for the head, and steel for the handle, with the entire thing weighing just 5.2 pounds.

The shovel head features precision-sharpened edges providing a bevy of cutting and sawing options, while the claw integrates both a pry and a chisel for more detailed woodworking tasks.  A 15-foot 550 paracord is also wrapped around the length of the handle, providing extra grip while being ready to deploy for any of a multitude of uses in the wild.  Plus, we think it might work well with the Shovel Master, which is always a plus.

Want one?  The Crovel Extreme II is available for pre-order now, priced at $139.99.

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