CString Takes Sly Lingerie To The Next Level


Yep, we think the g-string doesn't completely conceal itself under your tight slacks too.  That's why we recommend the next level of lingerie in the war against visible panty lines: the CString, which eliminates discernible lines completely since there's absolutely nothing to make them.

The name is a complete misnomer, since there's no actual string involved.  Instead, it's more like a rigid fabric-based pantyliner that magically sticks to your crotch.  When we say "you," of course, we're assuming you're a girl.  Or a dude who likes to dress up as one, at which point, we'd like to ask you to keep your pics to yourself.

There aren't many details on the actual construction, but I assume there's something about the shape that lets it stay where it's supposed to be.  Unless, of course, you're supposed to wear it with a light adhesive like an oversized Band-Aid.  Actually, that makes complete sense.  In bizarro world, that is.

Barely covering the front and with nothing but a wedged line around the back, the CString is certainly unique.  The makers are touting it as a way to "say goodbye to panty lines and uncomfortable straps."  I suspect you'll have to say "hello" to constantly adjusting your modesty-wear too, but I could be wrong.

One thing's for sure.  You wear this with tight jeans, I'll have to keep doing double takes to figure out if you're wearing anything under it.  You've been warned!

Plenty of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pics at the link below.

[CString Direct ]