CT&T’s Multi-Amphibious Vehicle Lets You Drive Its Six Wheels On Water


Need a glorified golf cart that can haul a bigger entourage and run after balls that go in the water?  Okay, we’re not exactly sure what CT&T is planning with their Multi-Amphibious Vehicle, but it looks designed to do just that.

Combining an electric powertrain with amphibious capabilities, it marries two downright cool talents in a single ride.  Of course, that also means when your neighborhood’s flooded and the power lines are down, you’re screwed – but, hey, I ain’t complaining.  It’s not like 2012 is real or anything, right?  Right?


The Multi-Amphibious Vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers (driver included), all while rolling on six wheels with a 200 cm ground clearance.  According to the company, it can go up to 40 mph on ground and swim at a ridiculous 95 mph on water.  The latter is most likely a misprint – 9.5 mph sounds more plausible.  Please crucify your Korean translator in a stake and tickle him for two hours.


While those speeds don’t exactly set you up for exciting driving, it will make a load of a difference once you take the vehicle where it’s likely meant – around beaches, resorts, camps and lakes.  Just imagine how much mayhem you can cause running over some dude’s sandcastle, then making your escape by heading straight to the water.  Unless the dude can swim like Michael Phelps, of course, at which point, you’ll probably get your head bashed in.

Use it for good, use for it evil – it doesn’t matter.  The CT&T Multi-Amphibious Vehicle should remain awesome through whatever purpose you find for it.

[via Autobloggreen]