Cube Clock Is A Rubik’s Cube That Doesn’t Puzzle


Alarm clocks, being excessively simple devices, have been a favorite canvas for designers to play around with.  The Cube Clock isn’t an especially complicated contraption, although the result is a really cool fixture that should nicely adorn your bedside table.

One glance at the Cube Clock and the inspiration is obvious – it’s a Rubik’s Cube timepiece.  Fun and colorful, it displays time, date, alarm and temperature on a small digital screen situated in one of the middle strips.  To give it that twisting and turning Rubik’s Cube feel, the top layer can be rotated, with the display changing depending on which side (time, date, alarm or temperature) is on the front face.  It’s more complicated than just pushing a button, but that’s a small price to pay for a clock with a bit more flair.

Right below the display, the colorful tiles have been turned to three simple control buttons (Set, Up & Down), that allow you to change the current date and time, as well as the alarm and temperature configurations.  I’m not sure what the alarm sound is but let’s hope it’s not as cute as the clock – I need noise to get roused from slumber.

Do note that the Rubik’s Cube design is more a novelty, so you can’t play the Cube Clock like an actual puzzle (not that you have the gray matter to solve it, anyway).  It’s currently available for $24.


[Chocosho via Gizmos For Geeks]