Cube Tube Changes The Way You Make Ice Cubes

Ice cube trays aren’t generally very efficient.  From taking up more floor space than they should to water spills to the inelegant manner of plucking the ice cubes out, there’s really plenty of room for improvement.  And the Cube Tube just might be that next evolution.

Unlike regular trays, the contraption has you making ice inside a closed-up tube.  That means no spills on the short journey from filling up with water to setting it up in a corner of the freezer.  And since it’s a tube, it should take up less space in your freezer than regular trays – you can line it up next to a wall, stand it like a bottle and even stack up several on one side to make lots of ice with no problem.

Each Cube Tube measures 245 x 50 x 55 mm (h x w x d) and makes a total of 14 ice cubes.  To use, simply fill up the container like a bottle, insert the included divider and close it up.  Even better, it integrates a more efficient dispensing system, too — simply slide out the divider and drop any ice on the exposed rack straight to your glass of beer.

Do you like cracking the tray when taking ice off it?  Well, there’s some of that type of mayhem here for you, too.  To break apart the ice, all you have to do is smash the flexible bottom of the assembly onto a hard surface just like a jackhammer.

Unfortunately, the Cube Tube is still on the pipe over at Quirky.  If you like it, though, you can support it by heading on to the page at the link below.

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