Build Yourself A Cubicle Mansion

Cookie-cutter office layouts, with lines upon lines of cubicles for white collar peons, is definitely functional.  After a couple of years working in one, though, you start yearning for something more.  In case it will be a while before you inhabit one of them private offices along the perimeter, you might want to make do with this: a Cubicle Mansion.

Sorry, you can’t walk into an Office Depot and buy one.  Instead, Mark Powers from This Old House magazine shows you how to transform your dingy, tiny work area into a mansion-like… uhm… tiny work area.  Sure, they seem to think it’s an April Fool’s joke or something, but it’s exactly the kind of thing all cubicle drones should consider seriously.

The Cubicle Mansion adds a 6/12 pitch roof and a door to give your place of business some much-needed privacy, along with fluted pilasters on the entry way and a pediment fronting the sloping roof.  The article says that materials should cost around $400 — which is cheap enough considering you’re pimping yourself the hottest cubicle in the floor.

Construction is rated at easy to medium, with the roof and rafters installation likely being the most difficult part of the build.  Oh yeah, that and getting your boss to agree to the idea.  You’ll probably need a spare weekend to do the work, though — there’s no way anyone will let you do any office construction in the middle of a regular workday (that time’s reserved for wasting on Twitter and Facebook).

[Source: This Old House]