Cucumbo Turns Boring Cucumbers Into Vegetable Slinkies

Similar to potato spiral cutters, the Cucumbo lets you turn cucumbers into a spiraling, coiling vegetable.  Unlike most spiral cutters, it’s just the size of a large bolt, making it both easy to use and convenient to store.

Designed for use with cucumbers and zucchinis (or other vegetables with the same size and hardness), this kitchen tool lets you turn erstwhile boring vegetables you’ll either chop up into discs or dice up into tiny bits into a fun looking coil.  Sure, your cucumber salad, cucumber salsa, and other cucumber dishes will still taste the same, but they sure as hell will look way more entertaining.  Plus, you now have a cucumber slinky – that can never be a bad thing.

The Cucumbo is a small, hexagonal tool that’s compact enough to fit into a tiny nook of an overcrowded drawer.  To use it, simply hold the tool in one hand and insert the cucumber into the hole with the other.  Then, keep turning the Cucumbo like you’re tightening a bolt, watching it spit out slices of cucumber in a long, spiraling coil that hypnotizes you until the whole thing is done and you wake up from the cucumber-induced altered state of consciousness.  Or something like that.

Construction is food-grade plastic, both for the bolt-shaped handle and the blade.  It measures 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches, so it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, in case you want to walk around the market, spiraling cucumbers for your own amusement.  Two colors are available: yellow and green.

On sale now, the Cucumbo retails for just $3.99 a pair.

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