Use Cuddle Clones To Immortalize Your Pets In Plush Doll Form


We’re big fans of custom plush dolls, having featured multiple services that offer personalized plushies based on images you upload. Cuddle Clones is another such service that happens to specialize in producing doll versions of your beloved pets.

That’s right, your animal friend can now have a soft and squishy doppelganger. Whether you intend for the doll to be your dog’s inanimate buddy (which he’ll likely turn into a chew toy), a remembrance for a beloved cat that passed away, or just a likeness of a pet that you can hug when you’re away from home, these plushies look like the perfect toy to fill that void.


Cuddle Clones makes each doll by hand using premium plush materials, ensuring each one turns out soft and cuddly. They use water-based air-brushing techniques to achieve less-typical color effects, heightening the realism of each doll’s likeness to your actual pet. Each doll comes in a different size, depending on the type of animal. For smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, the dolls are between 4 and 8 inches long; cats and small dog breeds are made at around 13 inches; dolls for bigger dogs max out at 17 inches; and horses are made as 20-inchers. They also offer life-sized clones, although pricing will vary, depending on the actual size of your animal.


To order, simply go to the website, upload one or more pictures of the pet you want to “clone,” specify any distinguishing features (so they can incorporate it into the doll), and place your order. It takes a while to get the doll (four months), but the samples sure do look like they’re worth the wait.

Pricing for the Cuddle Clones is set at $129 for small pets (rabbits, hamsters, and the like) and $199 for all the others.

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