Curtis Stone Workbench Is Cutting Board For Serious Cooks

Sure, your Gamepad Chopping Board probably serves well enough for slicing and dicing your usual helping of daily meals.  If you like arming yourself with the best tools for every job though, you need to trade in that novelty cutting board for the Curtis Stone Workbench.

A part of reality TV chef Curtis Stone’s Kitchen Solutions line of culinary products, the tool does more than offer a slab where you can work your blade magic on vegetables, fruits and meats.  Instead, it integrates multiple built-in cups where you can hold your chopped onions, tomatoes, potatoes and other ingredients separately, allowing you to put aside finished items without using up clean containers.

The  Curtis Stone Workbench has a cutting board measuring 22 x 14 inches, giving you plenty of space to perform your chopping, slicing and dicing duties.  Four built-in receptacles are strategically located right on the board, where you can simply push away ingredients once you’re done performing blade work on them.  A pull-out drawer on one corner acts as a trash bin, giving you a quick place to swipe down skins, stems and other discards.

Will it step up your cooking game?  I doubt it.  Crappy cooks will still make crappy food, no matter how good their cutting boards are.  However, it should work great for optimizing your food preparation work, allowing you to do away with the constant mess and extra bowls that come as part of many cooking tasks.

Amazon has the Curtis Stone Workbench available now, priced at $299.95.