Curve Wall-Mounted Cat Bed Gives Your Pets Their Own Comfortable Space


Need a space-saving bed for your feline friends that they can call their own?  Look no further than the Curve, a wall-mounted cat bed that’s too comfortable and trendy, it will leave other cats in the neighborhood purring uncontrollably with envy.

Have you seriously ever seen a cat bed this cool?  With its slim profile and curvy aesthetics, the Curve can easily blend in with most any home design.  Add a paint job or custom covers and you can match it seamlessly with your wall’s design.  Taking absolutely no floor space, it can mount to any vertical area of your house with just two holes via its white powder-coated brackets.

A comfortable sleeping contraption, it comes paired with a snap-on cushion, alongside removable and machine-washable covers (with a range of fabrics to choose from).  The bed itself is made from molded bentwood, clad in either maple or walnut veneer with a linseed oil finish.  It sports 20 x 14 x 4.5 inch dimensions and can easily hold cats as heavy as 35 lbs.

Just make sure to mount it in an area that your cat actually has a way of climbing into.  Otherwise, you can expect your wall’s paint job to experience unusual amounts of scratching from your little friend’s persistent attempts at spending the afternoon napping while you’re not around.

The Curve Wall-Mounted Cat Bed currently sells for $200.  Considering how messy your house can end up with your cat trying to find its own comfortable spot, that seems like a small price to pay.

[Supermarket HQ via Freshome]