Curvilux Updates The Bedside Nightstand For The Modern Times


Like any nightstand, you can use the Curvilux to hold your alarm clock, glasses, and other gear when you decide to retire for the night. Unlike them, the darn thing is reinforced with some versatile talents, making it far more useful beyond traditional bedside table duties.

Need a nightlight to light your way when you wake up in the middle of the night? This desk’s got you covered, as it comes with motion-activated, soft-glow LEDs on the underside that will automatically switch on as soon as you need to find your way to the bathroom, all while automatically turning off after you’re done.


The Curvilux also comes with a storage drawer where you can keep your valuables, as well as sensitive objects (like a handgun). A built-in lock ensures no one can just walk in and access the drawer, which you can disengage by simply entering a password on your phone (yep, the stand comes with a Bluetooth connection). Built-in Qi wireless charger allows you to power up compatible devices by simply setting them down on a designated area of the nightstand, while a pair of USB slots let you charge other devices via a wired connection.


Like to do some reading before going to bed? This comes with LEDs on the back that are designed to serve as functional reading lights, so you can turn the overhead lights off and read a book under a soft gentle glow. It even has a pair of capacitive buttons on the end corners of the desk, both of which can be programmed from the accompanying app, which you can use to control any compatible smart home devices.

Slated to ship end of the month, the Curvilux is priced at $299.

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