Custom Batpod Selling On eBay

Sure, this custom-built Batpod doesn’t look as awesome under light as the one Batman rocked on the Dark Knight movie. But it’s close enough. Plus, if you ride it in the night with a cape on your back, you probably look just as bad-ass.

A 1:1 full-scale replica of the original bike, this is a real functioning urban assault vehicle, with a working engine and everything you need to roleplay your most enduring Dark Knight fantasies. It’s being sold as a movie prop for legal reasons, with the bike chain removed. However, they will throw the chain in with the purchase, so you can hook it up and absorb all liabilities yourself. Which sounds fair, since you’re the one who wants to be Batman.

According to the seller, two months of study went into designing the Batpod, followed by over 1,000 manhours of labor. Frame and tubing were all custom-built from hardened steel, with the arm guards and covers styled from fiberglass. Adding to the authentic look are wide 20-inch tires and a slew of non-functional weapons (grappling hooks, 50-caliber machine guns and grenade launchers). Power is delivered by a 650cc four-stroke engine with direct port nitrous injection.

If this thing really runs as they claim, it is pretty wicked, although probably very uncomfortable. Still, how important is not injuring your back when you can stroll around town on Batman’s motorcycle? Oh yeah, word of note: it’s only street legal if you’re in Gotham City.

The eBay page claims the photos of the custom Batpod don’t do it justice and you have to see it for yourself to really understand the level of faithfulness with the movie version. Buy It Now price is a Bruce Wayne-worthy $100,000, but you can bid up to whatever you can really afford, even if you only have a Robin-level bank account.