New Era By You Lets You Make Custom MLB Baseball Caps

You love your favorite MLB team’s franchise colors as much as the next guy.  But you’re getting sick and tired of ball caps with the exact same logo in the exact same colors as everybody else.  Doesn’t have to be that way with New Era By You, a  web-based custom-ordering service from the ubiquitous maker of pro baseball’s headwear merchandise.

Using a Flash-based web app, customers can now put together custom-designed caps that mix-and-match colors and team logos, giving you free reign at what your hat will look like.   Both the 59Fifty and the 9Fifty snapback models are available for the personalization, giving you a whole host of ways to produce unique MLB gear.

Every visible aspect of the cap can be customized.  All six cap panels can be set to a different color, as well as the top side and the under side of the visor.  The button fabric can be put in a different color, too, along with different colors for stitching on the panels, the stitching on the visor and the stitching around the eyelets.  Oh yeah, you can pair a different team logo in front with a different team logo in the rear, as well as alter the colors of the team logos at your own leisure.  Basically, they let you go wild on your MLB merchandise like never before.

Granted, you’ll probably get strange looks wearing a Dodgers cap clad in the Giants’ franchise colors when walking into a sports bar, but it sure will look awesome.  Price for the custom hats is $57.99.

[New Era By You]