Customize Your Walls With The Frames Wallpaper


Looking for a customizable wallpaper to bring new life to a room?  Try the Frames Wallpaper, which outfits your walls with unevenly-drawn frames that you can fill with any sort of imagery to your liking.  The result is a wallpaper that is outfitted as uniquely as you can dream up.

Created by artists Taylor and Wood, Frames is a simple white wallpaper with varying sizes of rectangular black prints.  You can treat it like a coloring sheet, laying crayons (or any shading material you fancy) across its surface.  You can also draw illustrations or stick photos inside the frames, instantly creating encased (looks like it anyway) art without having to hang anything.


Each sheet measures 20.5 x 396 inches and are made from 50% recycled materials.  While it might not make the classiest living room decoration, it should work out great for children’s bedrooms and rec rooms, allowing you to exercise your artistic side without doing permanent damage to your house.  It’s a clever way to encourage your children’s creativity, providing them a space to wield their wall-marking obsessions.

For folks like me who’d rather not spend money on photo albums or expensive frames, this thing should prove a godsend.  My only issue is it’s white – we all know how dirty that thing can get in no time.  Of course, you can always just color over dirty areas to hide it, which is probably what I’ll end  up doing.  Alternatively, you can just buy a blank, white wallpaper and draw your own shapes, though for $40, the Frames Wallpaper should save you a ton of work.

Thanks Design Public