Cut & Fold Origami Chair Is The Most Stylish Folding Chair Ever

Folding chairs always tend to look a little bit on the ugly side, which is why they tend to stay in backyards and basements, rather than more prominent areas of the house.  Not the case, though, with this Cut & Fold Origami Chair, a stylish modern lounger that can be easily folded for easy transport and storage.

Created by blackLAB architects Andrea Kordos and Tony Round, the lounge chair uses multiple pieces of wood that are attached to each other using piano hinges.  When detached from the legs (just loosen a few screws and it’s off), the hinges will allow the entire seat to fold into a neat pile.  So, basically, you get close to the convenience of folding chairs, all while enjoying the stylishness and durability of regular home furniture.

The Cut & Fold Origami Chair comes in a gorgeous nest-like shape with a generous seat and backrest for cradling your body in a comfortable manner.   The piano hinges give the chair some flex, making it just a little more agreeable than regular wooden chairs, with front glides on the metal legs to keep them from scratching your floors.  Construction is a thin shell of Baltic birch plywood, with two finish options, either durable high-pressure laminate or natural walnut veneer.

Aside from the Origami Chair, the Cut & Fold collection also includes a separate Flip Shelf that also uses a similar folding design.  Both the chair and the shelf are currently being put up for preorders on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve an Origami Chair starts at $700.

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