Cut Here: Art Lebedev’s Punctirus Necklace


Want to tell people where to cut your head off in case you turn into a zombie?  If you’re not into getting tattooed, the Punctirus Bracelet/Necklace/Choker should take care of your “Cut Here” labeling needs.

Designed by Art Lebedev, it’s a refreshing change of pace from the studio, who rarely ever come up with jewelry concepts.  Fortunately, this piece reflects all the same oddball characteristics that has made them synonymous with funky yet functional innovations.


The Punctirus Bracelet is as simple as it looks – just a metal band with a black scissor centerpiece and links designed to draw broken lines.  It wears nicely around the wrist or on the neck, adding a distinctive design that lets people know where you want those giant shears to begin snipping.


I must say, it’s a great-looking piece, especially if you’re into punk- or goth-inspired fashion.  Careful when wearing it around a group of deranged horror buffs at a Fangoria convention, though – someone might take you up on it.  Unless you’re into severed heads or limbs (yours), that sounds like a terrible way to say goodbye to the world.

It doesn’t appear to be for sale, but I hope somebody produces it.  The campy, cartoony look is exceptionally eye-catching.

[Art Lebedev via Yanko]