Notebook Paper Necktie: Accessorize Your Business Wear With School Stationery


Yes, you can cut out a sheet of ruled paper into the shape of a tie and wear it around your neck. Like that Paper Scarf, though, we doubt the result makes you look like anything but utterly goofy. If you must insist on wearing a tie that looks like it was fashioned out of school stationery, we bet this Notebook Paper Necktie should turn up more interesting results.

While it looks like it was cut from a sheet of lined paper, the men’s accessory is actually a regular necktie fashioned from microfiber. As such, it can be paired with the rest of your everyday business attire, worn around the collar and tied into a knot, just like all the rest of the ties hanging in your closet.


Made by Cyberoptix, the Notebook Paper Necktie is an erstwhile regular necktie, with a 17-inch-tall silkscreened print of ruled paper lines, similar to the pads and notebooks you used extensively in school. It comes in both standard and narrow widths, so whether you prefer dressing up like your boss or the fashionable guys in magazines, you got choices. Granted, we doubt your boss will actually hit the office wearing a tie with a ruled paper print, so you might as well bear that in mind, if you’re angling for a promotion. It comes in a variety of paper-like colors, including butter (for that legal pad look), white (for plain, old notebook leaves), cream (for an older, aged feel), and more.


Available now from Cyberoptix’s Etsy store, the Notebook Paper Necktie is priced at $35.

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