Cyclone Is A Working Rollercoaster For Your Desk

Model trains on your desk at work?  Been there, done that.  Lego spaceships and novelty figurines?  So over it.  If you’ve been hankering for something else to make the doldrums of office hours more tolerable, you might fancy trying the Cyclone, an old-school-style wooden roller-coaster.

Designed to resemble the wooden amusement park attractions of old, this miniature reproduction simulates all the twists and turns of the classic ride, without the more modern loops and jumps that feed today’s adrenaline-seeking appetites.   And it’s not just  a stationary set of rails either — the coaster comes with a set of cars that will literally run through the hills and plummets of the track.

Based off coasters from the 1920s, the Cyclone is a 1:48-scale version of the real thing, so if you manage to shrink yourself to the same scale, you should be able to ride over and over to your heart’s content without leaving your home (not that you can realistically leave your desk, let alone your home, at that size, of course).  The entire thing is hand-built from 464 pieces of laser-cut birch that’s individually painted.  We don’t know if the entire thing will shake when the carts roll by like those wooden behemoths of old, but we sure hope so.

Lights out at the office?  Not a problem.  The thing has LEDs installed throughout the handrails, so you can keep playing with your tabletop roller-coaster from the time you come in the morning till you finally solve that last batch of errant code that has puzzled you well into the night.  The carts, by the way, are pushed through the tracks using rotating spring draws that give it enough momentum to finish at least a lap across the entire set of rails.

The Cyclone Classic Wooden Roller Coaster is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $699.95.