Cyclops Sunglasses For One-Eyed, Nose-Less Mutants

Everyone knows we’re turning into mutants soon.  It pays to be ready, just in case you wake up one morning to find your eyes merged into one with the Cyclops Sunglasses, a crazy-looking piece of eyewear with a single large panel to fit in a lone giant eye.

Designed by atypical fashion accessories creator Martin Margiela, the eyepiece features a single solid slab of lens that doesn’t even break to make space for your nose bridge.  Instead, it’s intended to wear slightly away from the nose, pushed outwards by a small leg right at the bottom of the frame.

While the sales page doesn’t say it, the unusually-styled eyewear should work nicely with your three differently-colored shirts worn on top of each other, all with their collars popped up.  Make sure to pair the outfit with a nice European clutchbag while you’re at it.  You one-eyed studmuffin, you!

No word on make of neither the frame nor lens.  Honestly, though, does it matter?  The thing turns you into a veritable cyclops and it doesn’t look like you bought it from the comic book store – that’s all you really need to be excited about it.  It’s available in green and gray lenses, and ships ready to wear.  I’m not sure if you can bring to the optical shop to change the lens (I want it for my prescription glasses), but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The Cyclops Sunglasses is ready to adorn the face of future one-eyed, nose-less mutants today.  Cost of being ready for your inevitable transformation is a steep $558.60.

[Sales Page via GearFuse]